Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How did I get in this mess?

I wasn't quite sure what I'd done to deserve such punishment. I hadn't stolen from anyone, hadn't killed, hadn't cursed or spat on anyone and yet I found myself locked away in a dungeon of a city and kingdom I had never heard of in my entire life. And as if that wasn't enough, when I was released the next day, glad to get out of the funny smelling little room I realized I wasn't free at all. They put me in a cage and I was being taken to a place called 'the wall'. Twenty men joined in all in armor, wearing the kingdom siege of what seemed a sheep while they took my weapons, potions, rings and even my coat. I was left in my leather trousers, leather boots and leather armor that...soon turned out to be useless. What my crime was...only the Gods knew. I tried to speak to my fellow travelers but no one answered. And days passed as I stayed in the cage and noticed how the weather and nature changed from a soft breeze to cutting frost and frozen trees.

There was a leader of the small army that I started calling the Captain as he had the face of a sailor and the voice of an old parrot. The Captain had a man that followed him everywhere, that I started calling the Hyena. He was a dirty little man with a hunchback and small yellow-green teeth. I knew from the start that the Hyena and I would get along just fine. He'd poke me with his sword through the cage bars and then he'd spit at me whenever I smiled at him. I smiled a lot at him as I knew what would happen to him as soon as I would get out of the cage.

I wasn't entirely alone in all of this. One of my party members, the Gods bless her, Jiohna, had sent a black eagle to check on me from time to time. Imagine her surprise when she received a message that instead of coming to visit her I was going to a place called 'the wall' in a kingdom I wasn't quite sure how I'd ended up in. The eagle would come at night, every three days, land like a shadow on the top of my cage. It would wait until I read the message safely kept along one of it's paws and would not fly away until I'd use the paper and coal attached to its other paw to write a message. Luckily my night vision was not that poor otherwise I'd have been doomed to trust my blindness.

And so the journey continued deeper and deeper into the coldness of mountains, steel cutting wind and nights so quiet that it seemed all creatures in the wild had frozen to death. I didn't get much food or water, Hyena stopped spitting on me as his spit became precious in these cold and dried surroundings, I didn't get any answers either and all I could do is think over and over how I ended up here and what I had done to deserve such treatment. Only one thing came into mind: I had many enemies spread all over the world, it would only take one with enough coin and influence to send me to hell...in this case, freezing hell. I kept writing to Jo where I was as she asked me to tell her everything I saw and hear so that she could figure out where I was, at least in what kingdom.

I think it was two weeks later when we stopped, during daylight, something we never did and I faced something I wasn't expecting at all: an actual wall. The weather had become so harsh by now that even the Hyena's odor froze away. Unfortunately not his teeth. As for me, if I had been a normal human being then I would have been snow by now but I guess...the fire in me helped.

Friday, September 2, 2011

I wasn't listening to their conversations. All I could see was this immense wall before us that looked as if it were made of ice. The Captain shouted at one of his men to shoot a fire arrow in the sky. As one of his men did so, we soon received a fire arrow in response, high in the sky as if shot from someone on top of that wall. It was only then I realized there were actual living things at the wall and we were about to meet them.

The journey to the wall seemed to take longer than I had expected. As if the wall didn't look impressive enough in the first place, now it seemed to grow longer and higher with every step we took. My travel companions seemed to grow nervous, discussion broke whether they would spend the night in the wall but one thing was certain: I was, and so was the Captain and his Hyena. How did I conclude this? Simply from the following.

"If you care not stay with us as the men of the walk might eat your dicks off then fine with me, go back today, now, before the sunset! But I wouldn't advice it, you don't want the night to catch you near the wall."

Some muttered, others just snorted.

"We are staying" continued the Captain. At this the Hyena added a 'yeah yeah', the Captain ignored it and continued "the bitch needs to be watched and that I intend to do."

We finally reached the wall after I realized that everything surrounding this place was dead. I only spotted few herbs I often used against acid wounds and goblin bites. I doubted I'd need any of them.

The wall seemed not a wall, no longer. It was like staring at the structure of a white castle.

A gate opened and we soon walked through a tunnel only to reach something I hadn't expected at all. It seemed a guards quarter, no monsters or lunatics waiting to devour us, instead men, mostly young, mostly in black. men...only men...

The Captain entered in a conversation with what seemed the leader of this place and yet no names were exchanged. I wondered if they knew they shouldn't as I'd remember them clearly. I listened to their conversation as I looked around. There was a mechanism at the gate, easy, primal, I wondered who these men had as enemies...if any. The enemy wouldn't be a bright one otherwise they would have thought of a more clever mechanism. Than again why such a high wall unless there was something on the other side?

"This is the one?" asked the one I decided to call The Leader. He didn't look as disgusting as the Hyena and the Captain. He looked normal and there seemed to be no hatred in this tone.

"Yes, a forceful creature it is. " answered the Captain.

Did he just call me a creature?

"No man and no woman, an abomination."

What did this man just say?

"Let us show you what it can do." continued the Captain.

And our Hyena was already at my cage door smirking like a dead rotten dog. I forgot to mention that I was chained, hands and feet as the rusted iron cut in my skin. Now I was taken out of the cage with chains and all, thrown on the dusty ground in the centre of the round quarters. I saw men look at me their eyes sharing my surprise.

"Let us show you what it can do even in this state." added the Captain.

The Hyena stood over me as he held a wooden stick in his hand. And the wooden stick was quite strong as it didn't break when it met my thigh.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

'Come on sweet pup!' said the Hyena grinning under his stinking breath. He stood aside giving me the chance to stand. I stood up and stared at him. 'Come on!' He said again showing me his yellow teeth. I watched him but did nothing. He dropped his wooden stick and pulled out a knife. He attached, I flip-flopped back fell on my hands, managed to grab it's sick head between the chains at my feet and we both fell hard on the ground. I held my legs tight as the Hyena was drooling on my skin begging for air.

'That's enough!' shouted the Captain as his guard pulled the Hyena away. 'See how good it is? A gift from the Kingdom of Stakes!'

'I don't understand' Said the Leader.

'I am telling you it is a gift. If anything attacks release the creature and it can cause a great deal of damage. But be careful: it's not entirely human, it can be very deceitful when it fights for freedom.'

I wasn't sure what I had done to deserve such an inhuman reputation. I was only half demon and it was barely visible. This was the hand of some coward enemy I did wrong and now sought revenge.

The creature barely received any food that day, had any proper clothes on for the skin cutting winter in these surroundings and was left in the cage, outside, to spend the first night. They said 'it's all right, you might think it's cruel but it easily survives these harsh conditions. Besides, it needs to stay weak so it won't turn on us.' This was the theory of the Captain and the Hyena backed it up. The Leader didn't seem convinced but he didn't want to take risks either. So I sat there freezing with nothing to eat as they lied I had already eaten tonight. I was happy to see the eagle and I immediately wrote to Jiohna hoping she might know something about the Kingdom of Stakes.

That night I crawled up in a ball and tried to sleep. It was cold, snowing, windy but I guess the  creature can survive. Still I wished for a warm bath and a decent fireplace. It was all quiet around me, my view was blocked by the corner of a wall I sat against but I knew I was still in that main square only a floor higher. There were stairs around the corner leading to what I believed were some of the sleeping chambers.

Suddenly I heard a sound, something was about to pass me by. I sat against the wall knowing that if it was the Hyena I might expect his spit on my head. This was something else and it appeared slowly as I figured out what it was and I started smiling. A wolf! A white wolf, whiter than the snow stood before my cage. It watched me confused, its tongue sticking out. I tried to reach its fur. It backed away. When I didn't move. It approached and sat against my cage as my skin felt it's warm fur. I decided to sit with my back against it feeling the warmth flow through my broken veins.